The String Collective of New York City

Built by distinguished musicians who have studied in some of the most competitive Music Conservatories in the world, String Collective NYC has been performing together for over 10 years, at over 500 events in New York alone.  Delivering the excellence of our performances from the most prestigious concert halls straight to you!  Providing beautiful live music for any event or recording sessions, available year round.  As a collective, our talent, extensive Classical training, credentials and modern experience create a group dynamic unlike any other. 

Our collective grew from the original String Quartet (Ambience Strings) to an orchestra of players.  We have over 25 musicians available for any occasion.  All of our players hold Degrees from Prestigious Music Conservatories from around the world; Juilliard School of Music, Purchase Conservatory, Manes, Peabody, Manhattan School of Music, Guildhall School of Music (London), Stony Brook Doctorate program and the London Academy of Music. 

Our players' artistic portfolio ranges from Concerts at Carnegie Hall, Town Hall NYC and MakeMusicNY (Featured in NYTimes) to touring with Kanye West, Justin Timberlake and STudio Recordings/Appearances with Alicia Keys, Summer Johnson, Kiss Kiss, Kid Cudi and Adele.  

We've held seats for the Canadian Symphony Orchestra of New York, Long Island Philharmonic, New Haven Symphony, Bronx Orchestra, Chelsea Opera Company, Westchester Chamber Orchestra and Spring Awakening on Broadway.  

We are among the best musicians in the Tri-State area and love what we do very much!