The String Collective of New York City

We offer several ensemble options to accommodate the needs of any event and any budget.

We are happy to make recommendations on which ensemble is best for your event.  We factor in: guest size, Venue size and budget.  Indoor/Outdoor events range as well.

Always Chic Attire.  Women dress in Professional and Respectfully Fashionable Attire.  Men dress in Suit/Tie or Tuxedo.

Solo (1) Violinist
Solo (1) Violist
Solo (1) Cellist
Solo (1) Pianist

Duet (2)  Violin, cello
Duet (2)  Violin, Viola
Duet (2)  2 Violins
Duet (2)  Violin, Piano

Trio (3)  Violin, Viola, Cello
Trio (3)  3 Violins

Quartet (4)  2 Violin, Viola, Cello

Larger Ensembles of 5 or more are available upon request.  Please inquire early.